Your Child's Education

Education Issues

If you are facing issues with your child's school (public, charter, or private), I can help navigate the administrative layers and advocate to ensure your child is receiving the best possible educational experience.

IEPs and Special Needs

For students who have special needs or are on Individualized Education Programs or other education plans, the process can be daunting and parents often feel they don't have enough say in the process. 

I can provide a range of assistance - from informal consultation before school meetings to officially representing you in education meetings.

If it becomes necessary, I have experience with the process for challenging school decisions, both through the Department of Education and, if necessary, in court proceedings.  We can work together to determine the best approach to get your child the services and supports he or she needs.

My philosophy on education law

I firmly believe every student is entitled to succeed at school, and the school's job is to help them do so.

I also recognize that most parents, teachers, and administrator share this same basic value - but from very different perspectives.

Success in an educational environment comes when differences in approach can be bridged and everyone feels they are contributing to the student's success.  That's not always easy (and sometimes the situation becomes much more adversarial), but I approach school related issues as an opportunity to collaborate to ensure the student thrives.