Winning Your Case

Business Litigation

I've handled disputes for small single-proprietor entities and for enormous corporations.  With a dozen years of business litigation experience at a major regional law firm, I developed the tools to approach disputes of any range or size - along with the experience to know which kinds of tools are best suited to a dispute.

Employment Disputes

Whether you are an employee facing problems at work, or an employer facing problems with your workers, I can help resolve those disputes.

  • Hiring, termination, severance
  • Non-competition agreements and disputes
  • Workplace environment, discrimination, harassment

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Sometimes a full lawsuit isn't the most effective approach.  Informal mediation, or formal arbitration might be the best solution.

Or, you may have a dispute that requires arbitration or mediation.

In any event, I can help you assess your options and prepare to obtain the best results.

Homeowner Disputes

From contracting to buy or sell a home, to taking care of the home after you buy it, lots of issues can arise.  Real estate agents can be very helpful, but there are situations where you may need legal assistance as well.  

  • Purchase/ Sale negotiations, and breaches of contracts
  • Home defects and failure to disclose
  • Contractors, home repair, municipal issues