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Retain an education, civil litigation or estate planning attorney in Akron, OH

You don't have to navigate complicated legal issues by yourself. Residents in Akron, OH turn to Max W. Thomas LLC for assistance with special education law, civil litigation or estate planning. Attorney Thomas is committed to making sure your voice is heard in every case. You can feel confident knowing an experienced attorney is on your side.

Whether you need a business law or estate planning attorney, you can count on attorney Thomas to ease your worries and handle your case effectively. Call 216-798-1116 now to set up a consultation.

Wills, Trust & Estates

Attorney Thomas can answer your questions about wills and trusts.

Wills, Trust & Estates

Education Law

Fight for your child's right to educational success.

Education Law

Civil Litigation

Settle civil litigation or business law disputes fairly.

Civil Litigation


Find out why Max W. Thomas is a trusted attorney in Akron.


Settle Civil Disputes Easily

Ask attorney Thomas about your civil litigation needs

Choose Max W. Thomas for all of your legal needs

Max W. Thomas LLC is a holistic law firm. Our attorney is ready to provide you with advice and advocate for your best interests. He'll also help you plan for your family, your business and your legacy. Attorney Thomas is trusted in the Akron, OH community because:

  • He has over a decade of legal experience
  • He takes a personal interest in every case
  • He's knowledgeable in complex special education law issues
  • He takes a solution-focused approach to every problem

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